Capital Formation

Strategic Capital Formation

Capital Formation

IRTH Communications is familiar with all aspects of capital formation and acquisition. There are many benefits of being a public company, the first and foremost being liquidity of shares. This creates a currency that can be used for raising capital, paying consultants, attracting partners and employee incentive option plans. Typically, a publicly traded company will receive a greater valuation than a privately held company.

If your company’s shares are not currently trading on the market, we can assist you in the process of going public through a traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering). We also can provide assistance with a Reverse Merger, Reverse Take Over (RTO), DPO (Direct Public Offering), S-1, or through Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity.

At IRTH Communications we help bring our client’s ideas and creativity to the marketplace. Some of our in-house consulting specialties encompass:

  • Financing
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Structuring
    • IPO Filings
    • Market Behavior and Analysis
    • Up-listing Procedures
  • Critical Event Exposure
  • Business Plan Enhancement
  • Board and Executive Development
  • Outside Consultant Selection


We have long-term relationships with investment banks, funds and high net worth angel investors around the country. We can help you find the best capital partner(s) to meet your needs. Whether your business is in need of seed capital, bridge financing, a firm commitment underwriting, PIPE Financing, Private Equity, an SBA loan, or debt financing, we can help you to get in front of the right funding sources.

Project Management

Establishing focused initiatives is a key element of business growth. We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients delineate simultaneous objectives and hone on specific targets. This includes projects related to raising capital, but also to areas such as product development, marketing campaigns, sales and distribution.

Sets of activities are assigned to each project, and then resources are allocated to meet the pre-defined objectives. We apply Best Practice Project Management to all our client projects, assuring they are delivered upon and executed within clear parameters. We organize and manage priorities so that a given project is completed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Corporate Structuring

Finding a solid capital structure that makes sense for the company and that also attracts outside investment is a delicate balance. We take into account existing agreements and growth milestones and help you tailor them to appeal to market participants. We help you structure a mutually beneficial arrangement that will ultimately catalyze both growth and investment. Your corporate road map is one that all involved parties should be excited about, with real potential to scale up down the road. 

Uplisting Strategies

We have assisted various companies in successfully up listing shares to more senior exchanges. The team members at IRTH Communications have worked closely with management as well as client company’s bankers, legal and accounting teams to help meet criteria resulting in successful listings. These strategies can result stronger valuations as well as increased liquidity and institutional ownership.

Critical Event Exposure

As part of our outreach, we provide an optional critical event exposure program. This involves creating a customized heavy outreach plan in anticipation or in response to critical events.

This tool is utilized to drive maximum awareness and exposure over a specific period of time. Many companies choose this service for special situations like Post-Public aftermarket support, earnings reports,  acquisition announcements, and specific events to drive maximum attendance and responsiveness to a recent corporate development.

Business Plan Development

Business Plans that we have developed have assisted client companies in raising millions of dollars from institutional and individual investors. We strive to present an impressive and concise outline of your company’s history, current operations, and future potential. We collaborate with many team members and perspectives to insure the final product has the strength to withstand in-depth scrutiny and due-diligence from avid investors.

A well-written business plan is essential for those companies looking to investors and the public markets for capital or long-term shareholder support. It can assist in conveying a business paradigm shift and drive the value proposition to the audience. Whether you need us to create your business plan from scratch, or edit an existing document, we make sure that the finished product is one that accurately represents your company and your attractive investment opportunity.

Executive and Board Member Development

A robust and experienced management team is a pivotal decision point for many investors. IRTH Communications identifies and develops relationships with qualified board and executive candidates who can help enrich your company culture. We help establish well-rounded management, drawing from diverse specializations and industries. We help fill gaps in specific criteria, such as the need for a director experienced with patent law, public company investment banking, or accounting.

Outside Consultant Selection

We have well-positioned contacts in the industry and willingly connect our clients with reputable financial service providers as needed. We have strong relationships with industry professionals that provide:

  • Accounting Services (audit and pre-audit)
  • Legal Counsel
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Investment Banks
  • Investment Funds
  • Marketing Services

Outsourced accounting services can drastically reduce costs and allow management to focus on business development, this is especially important in a pre-audit phase. Our team of skilled professionals is here to assist in the roles of Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable, Controller and outsourced CFO.