IRTH Gives Back

IRTH and key team members support the following and other causes

Promises FoundationLos Angeles, CA

The Promises Foundation is committed to restoring hope for families by creating a safe environment for mothers and their children to grow and develop the tools they require to live meaningful and self-sufficient lives. The Promises Foundation’s vision is to support substance abuse prevention and provide behavioral health services to low-income women and their families. We strive to create innovative programs that provide a unique approach to substance abuse amidst under-served communities.

Harlem AcademyNew York, NY

Harlem Academy is a private school for gifted children from underserved communities. Ability and hard work should be a pathway to success, but for many bright students, this promise too often remains out of reach. By first grade, low-income children are only half as likely to be high achievers as their peers from more affluent communities. By fifth grade, this shrinks even further.1 By the time they reach college, only 14% of students at the nation’s top 160 colleges and universities come from the bottom half of the income distribution.

Meals on Wheels America

Meals on Wheels America

Meals on Wheels America is the leadership organization supporting the more than 5,000 community-based programs across the country that are dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger. This network serves virtually every community in America and, along with more than two million staff and volunteers, delivers the nutritious meals, friendly visits and safety checks that enable America’s seniors to live nourished lives with independence and dignity. By providing funding, leadership, education, research and advocacy support, Meals on Wheels America empowers its local member programs to strengthen their communities, one senior at a time.

City of Hope - Los Angeles, CA

City of Hope is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Our mission is to transform the future of health care by turning science into a practical benefit, hope into reality. We accomplish this by providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research and offering vital education programs focused on eliminating these diseases.

Be the Match Walk+Run - All over the U.S.

Be The Match is the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantation. We foster a community of donors, volunteers, health care professionals and researchers who deliver cures by helping patients get the life-saving marrow or cord blood transplant they need. Our passion to save lives drives us to help more patients survive each year.

Chandanni Scholarship Fund

Chandanni Scholarship Fund brings kids from underserved backgrounds to experience diversity and wellness in India and other nations. We are dedicated to exposing kids to diverse cultures and practices of wellness and mindfulness. We know that each person counts and if we can make a change in how even just one kid feels about themselves and the world we know we are making a big difference in helping heal the world to become a more peaceful and joyous place.

Hunstman Cancer FoundationSalt Lake City, Utah

Huntsman Cancer Foundation's sole purpose is to raise funds to support the mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and is dedicated to ensuring excellence in these endeavors through the development and prudent stewardship of private resources. Huntsman Cancer Foundation offers a variety of ways for individuals and organizations to support cancer research.

NO Thirsty ChildAfrica

NO Thirsty Child champions sustainable clean water programs in developing countries. Clean, safe, accessible water provides children greater access to education and improves health. Clean water increases parents ability to earn a living and provide a better quality of life for their families.

Children InternationalKansas, Missouri

Children International is focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids living in poverty. They have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from their program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Period.