Why We Are

Positive Focus

Our team made a decision to focus on companies that have the potential to positively impact and reshape their respective industries. We like game-changers that seek to make the world around us more efficient, and improve our daily lives and interactions with people and the environment.  These are typically the types of companies that can bring in active and interested investors due to the potential for bigger picture good and financial gains measured in multiples, not percentages.

Helping innovative, meaningful companies increase their exposure allows us to focus our energy on the positive. By developing resources and relationships with investors who have the same vision, we are able to best serve our clients.

IRTH professionals work to build shareholder value by using our relationships to effectively communicate your message, investment potential, and corporate vision to the market.  This develops long-term investors with relevant industry understanding and who follow our clients through as they grow.

We help companies structure and communicate their message to Main Street and Wall Street through best practice media and marketing methods.  We have deep long-term relationships with investment professionals such as: stockbrokers, registered investment advisors (RIAs), certified financial planners (CFPs) who have strong connections with retail investors.  We also have long term relationships with many financial institutions such as hedge funds and other institutional investment funds that can take market moving positions in a stock.