About IRTH Communications

Strategic Consulting and Financial Communications for a Better Tomorrow

At IRTH Communications we match innovative companies with like-minded investors. We deliver our services by investing our time, energy, expertise and relationships to help our clients achieve solid valuations that result in leadership positions in the market.  By attracting market sponsorship and strategic media coverage, investment capital flows to companies at more attractive terms and valuations.

(Adopted by the NIRI Board of Directors, March 2003.)

IRTH Communications provides, financial communications and strategic consulting services to companies with exciting new technologies, processes, products and services within their respective industries.  These innovations will ultimately make our world a more efficient, better place to live. Our client industries include, intellectual property (IP), technology, alternative energy, energy efficiency, green and sustainable products, cleantech, telecommunications, natural resource, healthcare, consumer goods, , and food products industries, to name a few.

Our team has extensive background encompassing decades of experience in capital markets, strategic consulting, and financial communications. Our database includes thousands of active market participants. This provides our clients access to thousands of investment professionals, including institutional investors, investment bankers, brokers and financial planners.  Through this network, we help our clients meet their capital markets needs.   Impact investing and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is rewarding and attractive to our extensive investor base, therefore we look for opportunities where we can focus messaging on meaningful investment strategies that seek to maximize social good as well as financial returns.