General IR

Action Oriented, Impactful Strategic Consulting and Financial Communications

Our boutique approach to strategic consulting and financial communications delivers results to our clients including new business contacts, ideas and execution that can save money and time while delivering impressive results.

Strategic Consulting and Financial Communications is a multi-faceted business function that, when managed effectively, can help companies develop and maintain value in the market. Working with the accomplished team at IRTH allows client companies to achieve solid and impactful results from their IR initiatives. Additionally, we can help clients avoid the many pitfalls and challenges of developing and maximizing a strong investor base.

IRTH Communications provides a full suite of strategic consulting and financial communication services utilizing modern technologies coupled with long lasting relationships and relationship building processes to develop and maintain interest from your shareholder base. IRTH professionals work to build shareholder value by engaging with key-stakeholders and effectively following up and communicating your message, investment potential and corporate vision to Main Street, Wall Street and the media.

Peer Group Analysis

Peer group analysis is the practice of comparing a firm's results to those of similar companies or competitors. This is one of the most widely used tools in the analysis of public companies. We prepare data for investors and analysts in the manner they are used to viewing. This will assist both traditional and alternative money managers with their internal decision making process.

We take this a step further and analyze the shareholder make-up of your competitors or similar companies. From this we create a target list of investors interested and invested in your space. By focusing on and adding to this target list we can keep your company and its business developments in the foreground for these key investors. We insure that you get the most out of critical events to drive the value of your business forward.

Having extensive experience in professional strategic consulting and financial communications, as well as public company management and various sectors of finance, the principles of IRTH are positioned to approach analysts, brokers and portfolio managers in a language they understand. We understand their goals, their compensation, and their incentive structures, so we are in tuned to helping motivate their decision making process. This helps us to better serve our clients on valuation issues and how to position their companies.

Company Fact Sheet

A persuasive, well-developed company Fact Sheet is a great tool for efficiently educating new investors and analysts. We can create this collateral, or we are happy to add our input to preexisting material, as required. We incorporate company overview, investment messages, market opportunity, growth plans, competitive position, financial position, outlook and management. We prepare collateral that can be easily updated each quarter following earnings announcements and other developments.

PowerPoint Presentation Development

A polished and professional investor-centric presentation deck sets our clients apart from other companies competing for capital and resources.

We work with our clients to revise and tailor existing materials to maximize positive reception from investors. These materials are constantly updated to fit the specific parameters of upcoming investor pitches, and are also modified as the company achieves its milestones.

Winning new investor support is as much about delineating how you are reducing risk as it is about showcasing growth and upside. Ultimately the client ends up with a presentation they are comfortable showcasing and a pitch deck that yields considerable investor interest.

We can work with imbedded video and animation features for presentation mode and distribution.

Social and Electronic Media

The use of social media has become an effective tool in corporate communications, brand marketing and now,  strategic consulting and financial communications. Corporate blogs and social media sites create new exposure outlets to communicate with members of the investment community. Use of these modern communications tools by a company’s s strategic consulting and financial communications and public relations departments is likely to continue to grow.  The cost effective ability to distribute corporate messaging and viral capabilities of these new media outlets are areas with which principles of IRTH are familiar.

Some of the more popular outlets are emails, newsletters, social media, and various blog sites.  Other modern ‘new media’ and social media outlets emerge on a regular basis and the principles of IRTH work with their advisors to stay on the leading edge of these new technological and media developments.

We work to stay on top of new outlets like crowd funding and new legislation like the JOBS Act so that we can best advise and serve our clients.

Investor Inquiries

We field investor inquiries from interested parties and can act as the primary point of contact in bringing investors up to speed on corporate developments. We make sure to converse regularly with management so that investors are receiving a consistent message. We prequalify any investors that want to speak directly with management, arrange those calls and provide background information in advance. If applicable, we will also ensure that your staff is following up and responding to investors in a timely manner.

Distribution Lists

We regularly create distribution lists that include investors, analysts and brokers that we have cultivated for potential investment in a client company. This includes those who currently own or follow the market, new parties who we target and convert, or those with whom we have existing relationships. The list is updated as we receive inquiries and as management meets with additional investors and analysts. We then upload this list to a 3rd party service so that management has these contacts for themselves and so that these shareholders and interested parties receive press releases and other company information in a timely fashion.

Corporate Positioning/Message Development

Effective message development is an instrumental step towards successfully positioning a company with investors. This process involves extensive research and developing responses to key questions in order to accurately illustrate and position a company in the marketplace. After thorough review and discussion, we prepare a positioning statement and set of core investment theses. These are incorporated into all of our investor communications materials as a means to build and articulate an attractive investment opportunity.

Financial & Trade Media Relations

We can implement comprehensive media outreach strategies for our clients. This is a critical tool that enables us to showcase the client on an international stage and drive capital growth.    We have a targeted media database and have gotten original content placements and by-lined articles by management in major media, blogs and trade publications.  Additionally, we have worked with teams to get management on broadcast TV such as CNN, FOX and CNBC.

We strive to deliver the greatest impact with relevant financial audiences while also maximizing management's time. Some of our media services include:

  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Media contact development and story follow up with leading publications
  • Press conference and interview preparation
  • Media monitoring and client daily clips 

We target financial media among other industry specific outlets, including: Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, Fortune, Business Week, Thomson Reuters CNBC, MSNBC and other publications with high circulation.

As a story builds across various outlets, we cultivate and maintain our relationships with media contacts to insure continued exposure.


IRTH management has extensive experience and is intimately familiar with the ever-changing regulations.  We communicate regularly with attorneys to maintain a working knowledge of the environment, and are able to provide advisory and cautionary input to help insure compliance. More specifically we advise and assist clients on maintaining compliance with Regulation FD, as well as Regulation G and Sarbanes Oxley. With strong internal guidelines regarding forward-looking earnings comments, revenue guidance, broad operation commentary and non-selective disclosure of material events, we work to avoid any kind of potential regulatory compliance issues.